Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am me. Are you you? And should we be?

Online identities are a privacy issue. Or?

Myself I am posing as me. In this blog and in other places. Why? Because of one of the main reasons to participate in online communities and forums is to connect to new people and reconnect to old friends.

However to many people the online exposure is a bit scary. Here's a recent post on Mashable stating that around one third of the user have used false information in order to safeguard themselves.

A good post on the datamining possibilities on the web today is here. Have you looked into what's available about you lately?

The available information comes from a number of sources. Some are Social Networking sites where you provide information. In parallel other sources generates information around you (the white pages/phone directories on the internet is only one example).

Social Networking sites obviously have an important role and responsibility in this area. Here's one post discussing this.

How do you cater for this evolution? Have you considered it?

And finally - a video clip from South Park on the same topic.

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