Monday, September 17, 2007

Yahoo! Mash - first impressions

I got an invite to Yahoo! Mash, the new Social Network site from Yahoo, this weekend. I have started to play around with it, but not that much yet.

One notable feature - it is not only you who can edit your "profile page" on Mash - you can allow others to add stuff as well.

I also note that a lot of modules utilizes feeds (of course..), but you need to set the feed URL directly (no auto-discovery of feeds given a page witha a feed). I guess this is fair for the early users, but in order to get to the consumer mass market you need to make it simpler (ie provide a Twitter user name rather than the RSS feed URL for your Twitter profile). I also didn't get my blog feed to work (using my Feedburner feed).

Oh well, I'll continue to play around. My Mash profile is here. If you'd like an invite to Yahoo! Mash drop me a line or post a comment here.

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