Friday, August 24, 2007

Twitter stuff

I like Twitter. It might be such a rare thing as a combination of both a killer app and a killer attitude.

A killer app, since I believe it really has opened up a completly new way of interaction (micro blogging or mood blogging). It's a natural combination of two mainstream behaviours (blogging and SMS), but still it took until last year until someone created such a service. Still some time before we can call Twitter mainstream, but I am convinced Twitter (or some other brand with the same service) will become mainstream over time.

A killer attitude, since the SMS generated are "free of charge" for you as a user (see eg this post). The SMS costs are seen as OPEX by Twitter. The business model is not obvious either, as stated by some recent investors.

Oh well, two reasons I posted this today:
  1. I just answered a question on LinkedIn Answers around Twitter.
  2. Yesterday I found evidence that I am a Twitter pebble (see my previous post), at least in Sweden. According to this post I was the fifth person in Sweden to start Twittering. I am also on the top 5 lists for number of 'followers' and 'following' in Sweden (and not for number of tweets, trying to keep down on them :-)

And find me at to follow my tweets. Or tweet 'follow johan' if you're already on Twitter.

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