Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Plaxo now supports OpenID

I have used Plaxo for some time, and seen the service evolve. It is a useful service and I like it.

It is still a business user oriented service. If Plaxo can take the leap over to a true consumer value proposition it will be even more interesting.

Plaxo recently introduced the Plaxo Pulse. A feature very much in line with a number of new and evolving services like Pownce.

I just noticed that Plaxo announced OpenID support. Just before the summer I looked around to see what the current state of art OpenID sites offered. I never got around to use it actively. Now that Plaxo, that I already use, supports OpenID it might be useful. Have a look here and here for more on OpenID.

A quick look reveals that initially Plaxo only is an OpenID consumer. This means that I still need to use another OpenID provider. Not a big issue as such, but it is not until one of the services I use more or less daily acts a as an OpenID provider I will embrace the concept fully. Come on Plaxo, when will you implement this part?



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