Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jailhouse Rock

Just had a look at one of the YouTube videos that got some attention the last week:

Apperantly a prison in the Phillipines is using show dance as a way of prisoner rehab.

To use this type of activities with inmates is not new. This old article is one other source I found. And I especially liked the quote "There are some talented people in there. They've failed as criminals, so they'd better find another line of work."

Just make sure you do not run into the same situation as happened a number of year ago in Sweden, when a theatre play was staged. It ended up with some of the actors escaping. This even turned into a movie as it seems.

Well, back to the Phillipines. This video seems to summarize the overall approach to prisoner rehab.

And by the way, out of all the dances from the prison published by bryonfgarcia I noticed the "Algorithm march". It seems to be a Japanese popular line dance (see here for full instructions) related to "Fågeldansen"... The Algorithm march have even reached Stockholm (wonder how I missed this craze...)



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