Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm a pebble with Twitter, but mainstream with this blog

Today I spotted two nice blog posts on how how new services are adapted by the market.

The first one by Alex Iskold covers the well known (?) Chrossing the chasm-thingie. But with a new take, which relates to the accelerating speed of which new service are introduced. The focus of the important early adopters may be lost prior to the chasm being crossed.

The second one by Jeremiah Owyang details the personas of early adopters, and group them into five segments.

Both are recommended reading. What an incident both where posted the same day.

And yes, I view myself as a pebble with regards to Twitter. My first tweet dates back to September last year.
On the other hand I have been late with blogging. Blogging is mainstream by now. I am not even sure if I am among the early or late majority. Probably towards the late...


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