Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creating the buzz, one potential way?

I just signed up for yet another Social Media startup site, Dorbit.net. This one was quite funny.

The site is not in English originally. You can tell from the usage of the English language. However it is a bit funny. Makes you want to explore the language rather than the features.

I invited my friend and collegue Daniel (it takes two to tango). His profile displays like this:
I like the text:

I am this way
Hello, my name is Daniel Glifberg, I have 36 and my birthday is the 2 of April. At the moment I live in Sollentuna, Stockholms Lan, Sweden and I am in couple. I am heterosexual. I would like to contact with people of my country.

I am Telecom. I am working in an office.

Physical aspect
I have 1.8m of stature, 94Kg of weight approximately, tengo some kg of more, and physical aspect white.

Makes you want more - right? A potential way to create the buzz and get visibility in this crowded arena.

And thanks Daniel for letting me use your profile as an example. (Mine is here)

(And a clarification. The text in Daniel's profile was generated by Dorbit, not written completely by Daniel)

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