Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm Facebooked. Just as many others are.

Facebook have gained an amazing number of user lately. Why? And why do I use Facebook?

I am amazed by the latest craze around Facebook. I have had a Facebook account for some time, but the last two month the number of people I know that is on Facebook has grown. It still a limited number of people that I have found, but I am amazed by the uptake in Sweden and in Europe in general as outlined here.

Further more, the valuation of Facebook is a hot topic. USD 15 billion according to the recent news that Microsoft invests $240 for 1.6% of Facebook.

Yes - Social Networking is hot. And Facebook is a rising star. If you look at the Alexa statistics you see that Facebook are now right behind MySpace on the ranking list. Further more - most of the sites on the top ten lists are "pure Social Mediaish", and behind eg as the top domain you have both and (which was last week announced to "be transisted")

It is also interesting to compare the speed of which Facebook climbed to this position with MySpace rank history:
One last graph of interest, this time comparing the number of page views of both Facebook and MySpace with Google. Notice that MySpace is declining compared with Google.
I have a few more reflectations around Facebook. But rather than to put all into one post I will post a some more over time. Next planned topic is Facebook usage in Sweden, stay tuned.

And if you also are Facebooked, feel free to add me as friend. My profile is here.

(And thanks Alexa for the graphs, which I am free to use if I understand this statement correct)



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