Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Facebook profile - time to tidy up

Today Facebook enabled the profile clean up tool that was announced a few days ago.

When I visited my profile page a few minutes ago I was presented with this box:

So, let's start the year with a fresh Facebook profile page. I selected some applications I do not use frequently and went ahead.

Sure enough - now at the bottom of my profile I see this:

And when I expand it I see the applications (they are not expanded since I manually minimized them).

So - a way for people to keep the applications on their profiles, but ensure that the main profile page does not appear that cluttered. Definately needed with the abundance of Facebook apps that gets installed.

Now - it would be nice if the tool procatively proposed when and what to move to this extended profile. And no, I do not have a proposal for a guiding rule for when to propose what.



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