Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The "Kollektomat"

I must admit I don't go to church regulary. But on some occations you find your way to a church. Especially at this time of year with Christmas around the corner.

Last week I found myself in Viksjö kyrka. And there I found something I hadn't seen before. A "Kollektomat". An ATM machine designed to take donations at church.

A natural opportunity in todays cash-less society I guess.

You are able to select how much to donate and to what cause. And the receipt you get can be put in the collection basket (or what is "kollekthåv" in English? Anyone?) instead of cash.

Here is a snapshot of the instructions (sorry, in Swedish):
Of course there is a business opportunity here as well. I haven't looked at the business case, but here is the pricelist for the terminal (and the prices excludes the actual ATM terminal).

When I Googled for this type of stuff I found an article from the Washington Post, that incidently was published almost exactly one year ago.

Finally, the Kollektomat has a marketing video on YouTube:



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