Monday, November 26, 2007

Is Facebook growth declining?

I have been following the numbers available through Facebook's ad utility since it became available.

When I looked at the numbers last week (Thursday 22nd) I noticed that the number of users per country had decreased for most countries. Why?

The growth, sampled every week, is summarized in the table below (actual numbers available here).

Hm, why is this? Is the hype over? Or what does Facebook really measure?

Have people actually cancelled their Facebook accounts? Or does Facebook somehow measure active users (ie users who have logged in during the last x month). Has Facebook cleaned up the data, or is this a temporary glitch in the numbers?

It is also interesting to compare with Jeff Pulver's recent statistics, where he measures the growth the last month. The decrease is not visible here, as it occured the last week. Also, Jeff's numbers are from Sunday 25th, and seems to be slightly higher (number of users) for most countries.

No way to tell right now what the long term trend is, let's follow up over time. Also note that the numbers are only available for 31 countries, and the selection of these 31 is not clear.

Note that Alexa also shows a decrease in number of pageviews the last few days:

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Blogger Nisse1aN said...


interesting statistic. I had a suspicion this might happen based purely on my own declining interest in facebook. It's getting tired after a while.

November 28, 2007 at 10:33 AM  

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