Friday, November 16, 2007

IKEA now has a Facebook page

Just saw that IKEA now have a Facebook page.

Last week I noticed an IKEA ad in my Facebook news feed, but couldn't find a Facebook page for IKEA.

Now it's here. Not much more yet, but it will be interesting to follow how IKEA uses this channel

Notice that the ad was in Swedish and apparently targeted at the Swedish audience. The Facebook page seem to be intented as an international page. Although Social Ads can be targeted to specific countries I wonder how the "fansumer" conversation will evolve.

Will it only draw English-speaking individuals, or will the conversation be a mixture of languages? Should IKEA set up separate pages for each country to secure a flow of comments in each language? How will Facebook target the multi-lingual scenario?

And it is not clear if it really was IKEA that set up this page. How does Facebook verify that a brand is claimed by a legitimate individual?

As I live close to IKEA in Barkaby, and visit IKEA now and then, I joined as a fan. Also to follow the evolution on how this channel is used. I was #14 to join.

(And yes, we have the bookshelf 'Billy' at home. I love it.)

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