Friday, June 29, 2007

"Blogger in draft" - now with polls and enclosures

Blogger in draft, which I mentioned earlier, just added polls and enclosures as features.

Polls is good to have, although there's other options available as well.

The enclosure option is especially useful for podcasters I guess. Any podcasters out there using

I am not able to use these feature fully on this blog though, as I currently publishes on an external FTP server. This seems to limit the available features and configuration options. not nice. Will have to try this on another blog.

I am still trying to figure out how I can make my domain "hosted" by No luck so far. Any hints, please? (The issue seems to be on the provider who host my domain...)


Thursday, June 28, 2007

I have some Freebase invites if someone's interested is close to Wikipedia in it's goal, but with differences in the approach. As an early user I just got some invites to share. (Just as several other according to latest blog posts...)

Interested? Post a comment here.

Candy car product packaging - a hint to product managers?

I attended a presentation yesterday. A few examples with consumer candy (chocolate and ice cream) marketing principles were highlighted.

In Sweden we have a perfect example. Are you familiar with "Ahlgrens bilar"? It's candy cars, quite popular in Sweden, that have been manufactured since 1953. More or less unchanged.

Each bag contains candy cars in three colours. It is a regular discussion subject if each colour have a separate flavour or not... (The answer seems to be "no", but I have not seen a confirmation on this. On the contrary - the formal statement is that this is a company secret).

A perfect product targetting traditionalists (?). I can imagine that any changes to the concept will trigger protests.

The brand of "Ahlgrens bilar" have been used in various campaigns. A few years ago two complementary products was launced - Spare tires and road signs.

Nice way of refreshing the brand. But of course these are essentially new products, with investments in new production lines etc.

Now comes the magic!
This might be a temporary marketing campaign, but I think it's brilliant. How can you evolve a product which contains cars in three colours?
The answer: create three new products. One for each colour. A fresh approach while keeping the old concept.
It will not upset the consumers. No investment in new production lines. It rides on the old question "same taste or not?".

Bonus information. During the intense research for this post I found two additional related products. One seasonal variant, with the candy as sleighs. One evolution towards chocolate dipped cars.

Me? I like the candy. I like the attitude. But I will continue to buy the original, mixed, product. I guess I am a traditionalist.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

I guess this blog will not make me rich... I already noted on one of my other blogs. Reposted as a response to a Twitt' from Chris Brogan. Also good as a first day post on this new blog I guess.

Some time ago I noted that the context sensitive ads from AdSense was very context sensitive... We all knew this, but do they need to stick it into our eyes?

Blogger in draft

Just found the public playground for new blogger features - Blogger in draft. Initially they launched a direct video upload feature.

The cool thing is that Blogger in draft co-exist with your normal Blogger account. You can try out all new features directly with your existing blogs.

Read more at the related blog.


Finally I got around to write a first real post.

I am still struggling with the layout of the blog, in combination with the FTP publishing option offered by Hopefully you will see some enhancements over time.

So - what is this blog about? As you might have noticed one of my favourite quotes are "There's no killer app - only a killer attitude".

The origin of this quote is not fully clear to me, perhaps you can add some facts? The earliest references to similiar statements I have found includes this article from BBC news, and this paper which have a reference to a report from 2000. Both discusses the quote in relation to Wireless/3G technology, but I believe it has impact in many areas. Let's see if I can prove my point in this blog.