Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rock´n´roll in Excel, or excel in rock´n´roll

Although I think Excel shall be used with care, and though AC/DC might not be my favourite music, the combination somehow rocks.

AC/DC has released a music video. As an Excel file. You will find the details and download here. There is also a Youtube-video of this:

Even if I don't know the demographics of the AC/DC fan community it seems to make sense. AC/DC have been around for a while, and I suspect that a part of their original fans now are white-collar office workers, using Excel daily.

Anyone who are able to see how they achieved this in Excel?

I also notice that AC/DC both have a MySpace page and a Facebook page. And an RSS-feed. They are also promoting an AC/DC game for Playstation, Wii and Xbox. Didn't find them om Twitter though ( does not seem to be them...). But still, overall quite a good social media marketing approach.

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