Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello Turkey

Last week I was approach via Facebook by Erdem from Turkey. He is about to write his master thesis on "public relations and promotion" and needed some statistics on Facebook usage in Turkey.

So Erdem, here is some numbers and further pointers. Always happy to be able to help out, and it will be nice to look at your thesis - even if you write in Turkish perhaps Google translate can help me understand...

The numbers
I created a spreadsheet with all usage statistics I have for Turkey. Enjoy.

The discussion
So, what does the numbers reflect? There's two sets of data - one is from the Facebook ad utility and one is from the Turkey network.

  • Facebook ad utility (see further down for more on how to use)
    Although it is not fully clear what exactly is reflected in these numbers, a guess is that:
    a) The country you belong to is fetched from your account settings. However, when I just checked this setting seems no longer available, so it might be that Facebook are rather using eg IP mapped to country? Any guesses?
    b) The number indicates the number of user from the country logged in over the last 30 days (for an earlier discussion on this, please see this post, scroll down to the heading "What do we measure?")

  • Network
    The implementation of country networks has changed a bit lately. Since mid September no numbers are available.
    The country network membership is something you choose yourself. The numbers most likely indicates how many Facebook profiles (users) that are registered for a specific country network, regardless off last login.
    As this is a separate action to register, it is fair to believe not all users will hook up to a regional network.

The nest step
If you are looking further into a specific country (as I did with Sweden here), the Facebook ad utility is a great tool for demographic breakdown. Just go here, create an ad and then select the target group.

Here you can dig into the demographics in detail. (As for the gender part, please note that a portion of the profiles does not have a gender specified!)

So, Erdem, good luck with your thesis. Hope this helped.

And if anyone is interested in a coordinated effort to map the detailed, global, demographics let me know...



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